20+ Year WCVM Reunion in Naramata, BC

We are looking forward to the reunion, Friday July 28, 2023 though July 30, 2023, in the village of Naramata, in the Okanagan Valley, BC. 

Please register for all your family members attending by January 31, 2023. The registration includes amazing three meals + drinks - see registration descriptions.

    Please also add any optional Saturday and Sunday activities. (Note that there will be free things to do, such as beach time and lots of beautiful walks to take as well!) Importantly, we will use these numbers to book the activities - even equipment rentals book up early in Naramata. Children 18 and under must be accompanied by a legal guardian for all activities below. Remember you can't be in two places at once - some activities overlap in time. 

    Check your email for accommodation suggestions - remember to book now as Naramata is the most desirable village in the Okanagan, with limited accommodation space.

    Any profits from the registration or activities will be donated as a vet student scholarship. That said, we've tried to budget as closely as possible to minimize costs.

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