Snuggle Box

Are stuck at home with your fur kid? Getting bored?

Bite boredom! Problem solved! 

Pounce & Hound will deliver a Snuggle Box right to your door, in Kelowna, West Kelowna or Lake Country. Show your pooch how much you care with the sweetest coziest box ever! 

Inside the Essentials Snuggle Box you’ll find a cuddly-wuddly toy, a beautiful bandana, delectable treats and training tips.

In the Complete Snuggle Box you'll find everything in the Essentials box, plus another cute, size-appropriate toy and yummy vet-approved treats.

In our fantastic value Ultimate Snuggle Box, you'll find everything in the Complete Snuggle Box, plus a wholesome delectable chew, and another fun toy for your dog! We'll be sure to surprise you with amazing products to make your fur kid as happy as possible. Plus, enjoy free delivery!

Every box is unique, and custom-assembled for your dog! (Photos are examples of the boxes' amazing value.)

The Essential Snuggle Box box is a great treat and includes $75+ worth of fun. 
The Complete Snuggle Box is full of value and includes $130+ worth of fun. 
The Ultimate Snuggle Box is our best deal! and includes $180+ worth of fun, and you enjoy FREE delivery! 

If your fur kid has any allergies, please tell us in your order notes - we are happy to accommodate. 

Save on delivery - feel free to add other products from our store into your box! 

Note: when you pick a delivery or pick-up time, please give us at least 24 hours to carefully assemble your box!

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