Contactless Pet Care during COVID-19

Innovative Contactless Pet Care during COVID-19

With the world rapidly changing around us due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are proactively adapting our veterinary care model to Contactless Pet Care. Our goal at Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital is to continue offering top-notch, integrative healthcare for your pets in the Okanagan, while respecting best human health practices.

As a completely digital hospital, we are now practicing telemedicine and drive-in care for our pet patients. It's a different model than pet parents are used to, but we know our forward-thinking clients will embrace this way of providing healthcare to our fur kids. This model keeps our clients from interacting with each other, and also protects our staff so we can stay open as long as possible.

YES! Your dog and cat can still see the vet, without you leaving home (or your car.) 

  1. When you call Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital, we will first book you in for a telemedicine appointment with one of our friendly and knowledgable veterinary nurses. She will call you at the appointment time to take a patient history and ask you questions about your pet's health over the phone. That's right - no need to leave the house! Just please set aside 15 minutes time in a quiet space and answer the phonecall - it will come from an unidentified number, as we are using a Skype call-routing service. At the end of the call, the nurse will book a contactless drive-in petcare appointment, if your pet needs to be seen by the vet or have a procedure performed.

  2. If your pet needs to be seen in person by the veterinarian for an examination or to have a procedure, like surgery, dentistry, bloodwork or acupuncture, we will book your pet in for a drive-in pet care appointment. When you arrive OUTSIDE the hospital at the appointment time, you will simply call the front desktop tell us you have arrived and where you have parked. A nurse will meet you at your car, and retrieve your pet to take into the hospital for examination and/or treatment. She will practice social distancing, and use a clinic sliplead on your dog or pick up your cat carrier. (You must have your cat in a carrier.) You can stay in the comfort of your car or wait in the park. Your pet will be taken into the hospital. 

  3. Once your pet has been seen, you will receive a phonecall from the veterinarian or nurse to discuss your pet's health and answer all your questions.

  4. Our front desk will check you out virtually! You just need email access on your cell phone to pay your bill. Finally, your pet will be returned to your parked car, along with any necessary medications. Voila! Contactless Pet Care.

To book an appointment for Contactless Pet Care services, please call 778-478-7088 or email 

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