Puppy Preschool: Life Skills for Good Dogs


Do you dream of one day owning that "everywhere" dog? One that you can take to coffee shops, patios and on off leash hikes? Well, it all starts here!

Puppy preschool aims to give your young puppy it's best start. One of the most important aspects of puppy raising is positive, safe socialization. Improper or incomplete socialization between the ages of 3 and 20 weeks can result in a multitude of behavioural issues - fear, reactivity, anxiety, and even aggression. By exposing a puppy to different sights, sounds, textures, people and animals, you help to prevent bad behaviours in the future. Puppy preschool will provide a safe environment in which you and your puppy will...

- be exposed to new objects, situations, and people
- learn strategies for stress free vet visits
- learn to be handled for grooming, nail clipping, etc

It is our hope that you and your puppy will be able to confidently explore your little world together!

We recognize that young puppies have short attention spans. However, the learning they are capable of at this age is immense! We will touch on short, FUN games to play with your puppy on a daily basis. They will emphasize focus on the human, recall, and name recognition. Puppy preschool offers a great start to your life together before starting more formal training in puppygarten.

Each class will start inside Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital. We will make use of the local parks, cafés and other urban learning environments.

Classes are limited to 6 puppies. There are 5 weeks of 30 minute sessions.


Your puppy must be between 3-6 months old (3-7 months for giant breeds,) and up to date on their DAPP vaccinations. Have an older puppy? Register for Puppygarten instead!


Our fearless leader is Cass Bulandres, dog sport lover and mom to two devoted shelties. Cass is committed to positive training, with fun, praise and treats motivating a dog to make good choices. Her calm, organized teaching style creates the perfect learning environment for pets and their people.


No current class. You are welcome to purchase a free “waiting list” ticket, and we will contact you if space becomes available, and when future classes are announced.

Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital

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