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Natural Tick and Mosquito Repellent Spray

March 21, 2015

Have you been out hiking with your dog already? If you haven't, it's time to hit the trails! But don't forget to protect your best friend against blood-born illnesses, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Rose geranium oil comes from South Africa. It's a very precious, but extremely powerful deterrent to ticks. We've combined rose geranium oil with mosquito-repelling lemongrass and lavender oils to create effe...ctive, organic tick and skeeter repellent. Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital's Apothecary Tick and Mosquito Repellent comes in a coat spray (shown above - $19) that you can spray all over your best buddy's coat (avoid the eyes please!) We have also created a powerful rose geranium oil blend ($21), to put on... Continue Reading →


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