The Road Less Traveled

Introducing... icecream for dogs!

June 22, 2015

Dogs love to cool off in summer, but we don't want to load them full of the sugar that we enjoy so much. Pounce & Hound Fine Pet Goods has developed our made-in-house sugar-free dog icecream! It's made from BC yogurt, BC honey, rice flour and xanthum gum. We have lots of delicious flavours planned, including Orchard Honey, Chunky Monkey (bananas and peanut butter) and When Pigs Fly (bacon cheese.) According to our veterinarian Dr. Jason Rowan, since the ice-cold yumminess is made from yogurt, it's much more digestible for dogs. No icecream is complete without the cone, so we have developed delicious, crunchy waffle cones, kissed with honey. How cute is that?? Looking forward to seeing you in our... Continue Reading →


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