Awesome May Deal! $20 at Kelowna Cycle when you buy a pet bike basket or jogger at Pounce & Hound!

May 02, 2016

We are super duper alternative transportation fans: all of our staff at Pandosy Village Vet either walk or bike to work! So when we chose pet baskets and joggers to sell in our Pounce & Hound shop last year, we made sure that we got in the best possible bike equipment we could source. Your feedback has been awesome, and we are stoked to carry the same best-in-class brands, Basil and Springer, for this summer biking season.


During the month of May 2016, every Springer dog jogger and Basil pet basket sold at our Pounce & Hound Fine Pet Goods shop comes with a $20 Kelowna Cycle gift card. You can use the gift card towards having a jogger fit, a luggage rack for the basket, a tune-up for your bike or even a new bell! Thanks to our Pandosy Village neighbour Kelowna Cycle for this great biking bonus for our clients!

Basil pet baskets ($119-149) come from the Netherlands (made in Poland) and meet European bike-commuter quality standards.

Basil willow pet baskets have reenforced alderwood bottoms to hold 35b of cat or dog, and the coated wire top cages with leather straps ensure pets travel in safety and style.

Our clients rave about the Basil basket's sturdy bottoms that attach easily to their bike's luggage rack.

Springer dog joggers ($145) from Norway are the most innovative, heavy-duty dog jogger we could find.

The patented spring design reduces pull by 90%, and there is a cool safety release system just in case your pooch ever decides to round a tree with you on the other side.

It's a much safer option for bikers, as your hands are always on the handle bars, instead of wrapped around a leash. And the install is a snap - the Springer attaches to your seat post and detaches easily for bike rides without your best furry running friend. Due to client demand, we now carry additional arms for clients with multiple dogs.

We hope you enjoy this gorgeous spring weather and lots of fabulous outdoor biking time with your best furry friend!

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