Holistic Pet Care

Dr. Jason Rowan and our team at Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital use integrative medicine, with a focus on preventative health, to take care of your best friend.

A Natural, Holistic Approach

Integrative Medicine

An integrative approach means combining the best that allopathic (conventional) medicine and natural (alternative)medicine have to offer. Our pharmacy is stocked with everything from chemotherapy medicines to burdock root. At our hospital, we don't get hung up on standardized protocols; instead, each patient is treated as an individual, and Dr. Jason tailors his recommendations to fit your family's values and personal approach to health. He can discuss conventional approaches, natural approaches, and complimentary approaches, which combine the two.


Consultations are available for conventional medicine, herbal medicine, nutritional consultations, vaccinations and titre testing, as well as chiropractic care with Dr. Pamela Carlson.

We also perform spay/neuter surgeries and dentistry such as cleaning and extractions. Dr. Jason has also extensive in caesarians sections, and internal surgery, such as cancer removal. Post surgery, Dr. Jason may recommend nutritional, conventional or herbal support to properly regain health. 

Peek inside our hospital, then give us a call to book a consultation for your best friend!