Therapeutic Laser

Laser therapy for cats and dogs - Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital - Kelowna BC - cold laser for pets

Leading edge laser treatment 

At Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital, we continually challenge ourselves to stay on top of the newest scientific research. After reading multiple studies documenting how therapeutic laser promotes healing, we decided to invest in this breakthrough technology for our own patients. 

Laser therapy is a non-surgical, drug-free way to reduce pain and inflammation. Using light, the laser accelerates your pet's natural healing processes. Laser is a gentle, but very effective treatment for chronic pain conditions like arthritis and tendonitis, but can also assist in healing wounds, reducing infections, and treating acute pain. Most pets really enjoy the warm, soothing feeling from laser - many even fall asleep during their treatments!

Laser therapy for cats and dogs - Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital - Kelowna BC - cold laser for pets

Relaxing treatment experience 

Laser treatments are preformed in one of our cozy consultation rooms by one of our trained nurses. 

During a treatment session, the handheld laser wand is slowly moved back and forth over the damaged tissue, producing a warm, pleasant sensation.

Sessions last between 15 to 45 minutes, with the number of sessions and frequency of treatments dependent on the injury. Chronic conditions may be treated weekly, whereas surgical incisions and open wounds often require daily treatment.

Laser therapy for cats and dogs - Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital - Kelowna BC - cold laser for pets

Gentle, effective support for inflammation and infections  

This warm light massage penetrates deeply into your best friend's bones and muscles, reducing inflammation, promoting healing and easing joint pain. ⁠These are some conditions that respond very well to laser:

  • stiffness and pain from arthritis or joint dysplasia 
  • back pain including spondylosis
  • lameness due to tendon or muscle injuries
  • incessant licking, skin infections, and wounds that won't heal
  • urinary tract infections
  • ear infections
  • and more!

Complementary post-surgical laser  

Because therapeutic laser can dramatically and positively impact healing, we now include a complementary therapeutic laser treatment with every surgery and with more extensive dentistries when teeth are removed. We've seen an increase in healing time, and the comfort level of our patients.

How it works - after a surgery or dentistry, one of our wonderful nurses holds the patient while they wake from anesthesia. Another nurse passes the laser over the sutured surgical site, or the part of the mouth where a tooth has been removed. The laser creates a warm pleasant sensation for the patient, while kick-starting the healing process and calming inflammation, which in turn helps with pain control.

Laser therapy for cats and dogs - Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital - Kelowna BC - cold laser for pets 

Referrals from other vets

For your cat or dog to receive laser, they need to have been seen by a veterinarian at our hospital within the last year, to determine if the treatment is appropriate for them. Alternatively, we are also happy to accept referrals from other veterinarians, and do so regularly.

If your primary care is not with Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital, your veterinarian can simply send us an email with your pet's health records and request referral care. We keep your primary care vet up-to-date and work cooperatively for you pet’s best health.

Ongoing treatments are with one of our caring, trained nurses, under the supervision of our knowledgable veterinarians.

You and your best furry friend will love coming for therapeutic laser treatments - with treats, snuggles and a massage, your pet will feel like they've had a relaxing spa session. And you can relax, knowing you've provided loads of TLC for your best friend.

Pandosy Village Vet

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