Consultation Fees

Consultations are available for conventional medicine, herbal medicine, nutritional consultations, vaccinations and titre testing, chiropractic care, pre-surgical planning and procedure estimates. Note there is no charge for dentistry estimates or pre-surgical spay/neuter consultations.

Health Care Consultations with Veterinarian Dr. Jason Rowan

Fees for consultations are based on appointment extensiveness. The following are examples of suggested appointments. Note that both Dr. Jason and our competent hospital nurses will be consulting with you during this time. When you call for an appointment, the front desk staff will advise you on an appropriate consultation booking.

Comprehensive Consultations
  • Initial puppy or kitten health exam and consultation
  • Annual preventative heath exam and consultation
  • Comprehensive physical exam and consultation
Extended Consultations
  • Extended consultation dealing with chronic illnesses
  • Holistic second opinion exam and consultation  
  • In-depth nutritional consultation with personalized recipe
Follow-up Consultations
  • Follow-up puppy or kitten routine health checks
Medical Progress Exam
  • Re-examination of the same acute issue within two weeks of the original acute issue.

 Vaccine and titre test fees here

Acupuncture fees here 

Health Care Consultations with Chiropractor Dr. Pamela Carlson

Initial chiropractic consultations involve both Dr. Jason and Dr. Pam. Subsequent treatments are with Dr. Pam exclusively. 

Initial Chiropractic Consultation
  • Cooperative assessment and treatment plan with other the chiropractor and the veterinarian
Follow-up Chiropractic Treatment
  • Ongoing chiropractic care with the chiropractor

Prescriptions, herbal remedies, food, xrays, laboratory tests (such as bloodwork) and any subsequent surgery or treatments are not included in these fees. 

Previous records

It is very helpful for the doctor and nurses to have copies of any previous veterinary medical records and test results. At the time of booking, we will ask you about your previous veterinary visits, and request copies of the medical records on your behalf, for your convenience.

Tour our consultation rooms

Consultations are held in our cozy, relaxed consultation rooms. Check out our virtual tour and see where your pet will be visiting. (Yes, they are always allowed on the furniture!)

Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital

Our integrative neighbourhood vet clinic offers holistic care for your pets, such as vaccinations and titre testing, Western and Traditional Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional consultations, Traditional Chinese acupuncture, and chiropractic care, as well as conventional medicine, ultrasound, radiology and laboratory diagnostics, spay/neuter surgeries and dentistry. Our Pounce & Hound Fine Pet Goods store stocks high quality raw and dry food, nutritional supplements, gear and toys.

We invite you to peek inside our hospital, get a sense of What we are all about, and give us a call 778-478-7088 to book a consultation for your best friend.