Dentistry And Teeth Care


Teeth care is one of the most important decision you will make for your cat or dog. If they have a sore mouth or stinky breath, these issues could be the top of the iceberg, with pain, infection and decay just under the surface. Proper care can increase their quality of life and even add years for you and your pet to spend together. 

FREE dental estimates, everyday

We know you want to do right by your pet. If your cat or dog is off their food, showing pain in their mouth or sharing stinky breath, please bring them in for a FREE teeth check.

It doesn't have to be a special dental month... Dental estimate appointments are free every day with Dr. Jason Rowan. Just contact us to book a free dental consultation , and Dr. Jason will check into your pet's mouth, and if care is needed, provide you a written estimate and detailed explanation of his recommendations. It's as simple as that.

Fixed Price Dentistry

Our clear and simple dentistry plan has fixed prices based on time, and the prices are the same for cats and dogs of any size. We include pre-anesthetic bloodwork (making sure there are no red flags before going under anesthesia), X-rays to see exactly what is going on under those gums, IV fluids, and pain medication. Why? Because we wouldn't do dental work without these steps, and don't think they are optional anyway. So we include them.

    • Just a cleaning $589
    • Minor dentistry $789
    • Minor+ dentistry $989
    • Moderate dentistry $1189
    • Major dentistry $1589
    • Multi-Day dentistry $1989

Book a f book a free dental consultation with Dr. Jason and he will tell you which level of dentistry your pet needs.

Prevention is key 

Often pet parents will forget about dental care, until their cat or dog has stinky breath or significant pain in their mouth. The fact is that there are several ways to slow down the buildup of plaque and decay. At our Pounce & Hound Fine Pet Goods store, we have toothpaste and toothbrushes of every size, as well as green tea water supplements to slow the buildup of bacteria. Dr. Jason also recommends dogs use soft chews as a preventative tool, and even raw bones, if they are lighter chewers. A cleaning every once and a while also will prevent cats and little dogs from severe dental disease. Ask us about the best options for your pet!

Behind the scenes 

Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital has a dedicated dentistry table in our state-of-the-art clinic. With gentle anesthesia and careful monitoring by our trained veterinary nurses, Dr. Jason does extractions and repairs. Cleaning is performed by our neterinary nurses, under the direct supervision of Dr. Jason. Your pet friend recuperates in warm, comfortable kennels, with lots of snuggles and care from everyone in the clinic.

For peace of mind

Dr. Jason has attended advanced small animal dentistry courses for veterinarians in the USA, and is adept at extractions and took care. If corrective measures or specialty procedures like braces are needed, we refer to our local veterinary dentistry specialist. 

Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital

Our integrative neighbourhood vet clinic offers holistic care for your pets, such as vaccinations and titre testing, Western and Traditional Chinese herbal medicine, nutritional consultations, Traditional Chinese acupuncture, and chiropractic care, as well as conventional medicine, ultrasound, radiology and laboratory diagnostics, spay/neuter surgeries and dentistry. Our Pounce & Hound Fine Pet Goods store stocks high quality raw and dry food, nutritional supplements, gear and toys.

We invite you to peek inside our hospital, get a sense of What we are all about, and give us a call 778-478-7088 to book a consultation for your best friend.