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 Dr. Jason Rowan, Veterinarian

curious, gentle, friendly

My dad was a vet and I helped in the clinic when I was a young child... they say vet's often know if they are drawn to the progression by elementary school, and that certainly was the case for me. I spent my teenage years growing up on a farm on the prairies.  (Read about Jason's veterinary journey.) I am drawn to animals... people tell me that my presence calms their cats and dogs. But I enjoy being around them just as much.  Challenging cases that require a lot of research and thought make me keep learning more and more to find the best solutions for my patients.

Medicine is my passion, and I love researching new practices. I try to keep an open mind and it's opened many doors for me. I am broadening my horizons by incorporating more alternative treatments into my therapeutic tool case. I took several Western herbal medicine courses at the College for Integrative Veterinary Therapies until I discovered my passion for Traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine has been around for so long and get it correlates with many of our cutting edge medicinal practices - it's amazing. Right now I'm focussing on learning more Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture from the Chi Institute, which I hope to incorporate more into my practice in 2017.

In Kelowna, I'm very involved in the adoption community, as our daughters were adopted from Ethiopia. I am also a volunteer ski patroller at Big White in the winter, which is a great way to be active and practice an entirely different kind of medicine.

At home, we have a snuggly kitty Vega, a huge (also snuggly) Irish wolfhound Tully, a sweet ancient cocker spaniel Maggie, and Haatim our big tomcat lives at the clinic.

 Dr. Pamela Carlson, Chiropractor

thoughtful, generous, forthright

Personally, dogs, cats and horses have always been a big part of my life. I've been passionate about animals since I was a little girl. Even as a child, I loved midwifing for mother dogs whelming pups.

Early in my chiropractic career, I was drawn to animal treatment. Ten years after my original chiropractic training, I completed my animal training at American Veterinary Chiropractic College in Illinois. I left my traditional office-based practice to work in stables, barns, homes and health offices.

This rewarding work helped me balance a lifestyle of homeschooling my children and working out of home. I first practiced in the Lower Mainland, then Vernon, where I had a small hobby farm, and now in urban Kelowna. Recently, I returned to human practice, and find the combination of human and animal work very rewarding.

I am passionate about proactive health, and living a balanced lifestyle. Our family frequents the slopes at Silver Star and I am a dedicated master swimmer. Each day, you can find my Staffordshire terrier, my bulldog and I hiking the hillsides and creek valleys of our beautiful Okanagan valley.

My family is very involved in Swaziland, where I run a development charity called Swazikids. We are also very involved in the local adoption community.

 Hannah Sharpe, Nurse

proactive, congenial, knowledgeable

I have a special place in my heart for animals, so naturally I was drawn to a career that involves spending my time helping them. When I was younger I was always coming home with some kind of creature that needed a helping hand and a loving home.

Ever since then I've been involved the animal care industry in some way! I took my Veterinary Hospital Assistant course back in 2011 here in Kelowna, B.C. After I graduated from the program I immersed myself in the animal world and ended up working at a great dog daycare facility in town for 3 years. I was one of the founding employees at Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital, and have grown with the clinic, from working at the front desk to nursing patients in the hospital.  

Over the past few years, I've developed a passion for nutrition, and completed my advanced Natural Animal Nutrition course from the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies. This knowledge is so helpful coaching pet parents about raw and other healthy diets for their pets.

At home, my fur family does keep me quite busy! I currently have 2 fur babies, an 11 year old Tortoise Shell cat by the name of Angie (nickname "BubbaCat") and a 7 year old Golden Retriever by the name of Marley (more commonly referred to as Marles Barkley!) Marley and I love camping, hiking and spending time outdoors.

 Jackie Mottl, Nurse

generous, inquisitive, welcoming

My border collie Indy and I started our career in veterinary medicine together! In Switzerland where I grew up, students apprentice after grade 9. I always wanted a dog, and my parents said I could get one if I could take my dog to work with me. So I apprenticed at a veterinary hospital, got my darling Indy, and we went to work every day together.

I started at Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital as a devoted client, and was thrilled when I joined the team as a nurse. Veterinary medicine is interesting as no day is like the other. Every patient's case is unique as they all have different backgrounds, different genetical predispositions and they can all react different to the environment or medication. I love the challenge of customized medicine and our natural, minimal-intervention approach. I recently took my Certificate in Complementary and Integrative Health.

Since moving to Canada three years ago I enrolled Indy in Rally-Obedience. She was 9 and too old to start agility so we thought we'd do something a little slower. As I got my second pup Neo, a catahoula, I felt like the focus work was actually quite ideal for him too. It's a fun hobby, helps build a positive relationship with your doggies and gives them some mental stimulation. Now, my third step-doggy Jazz has started Rally too, as well as agility. Agility is new to both of us but it has been a lot of fun. Anything that'll strengthen your bond with your doggy is a great past time. They love the attention, the reward and learning.


Arnica Rowan, Proprietor

creative, gregarious, authentic My first cat of my own was Kari, a soft grey little fuzzball that followed me from dorm room to my university dwellings. My first dog was Hamish - a love child between a collie and a cairn terrier. Hamish was amazing - he was my first baby and best friend. Hamish and I went through the rigorous therapy dog training and used to volunteer between my undergraduate classes in the paediatrics and palliative care wings at the U of A hospital. 

While I was still working on my Bachelor's degree in Business, a friend and I wrote a business plan for a dog bakery, that included a community hub for pet parents. Little did I realize that another degree, a dozen years, a career as a professor and a veterinarian husband later, I would be opening my own pet store and hospital.

As an academic and consultant, I specialized in sustainable business. Jason and I have infused those values and knowledge into every room and practice in our hospital. I'm the driving force behind our unconventional approach to pet care, constantly challenging my staff (including my husband) to learn more and revolutionize the field of veterinary medicine.

These days you may see me at the front desk, or in the community walking my glorious Irish Wolfhound Tully. I still consult for non-profits, volunteer on local green projects and run my own charity, Vulnerable Children Society, that helps kids and families in Ethiopia.

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