How to Bike with Your Dog

May 19, 2016

How to Bike with Your Dog

Bike with your dog in 4 easy steps

With Bike to Work Week coming up and fantastic weather all around, it seems that biking is on everyone's mind! Many people want to take their dog along but are not sure how to get them used to running beside a bike without tripping over each other. Here our our simple tips for having a fun and safe bike ride with your best furry friend!

  1. Start slowly and make it a positive experience. First introduce your dog to the Springer dog jogger by giving them treats while twanging the spring. Once you attach your dog's harness to the springer, walk your bike slowly and give your dog lots of treats for walking with you. Finally, go for a super short bike and stop frequently to give them treats. Make the whole thing a positive experience.
  2. Pace your dog - they aren't Olympians out of the gate. Don't expect your roly poly spaniel or even your fit husky to bike for 10 km straight away! Go for a few blocks first, and see how they do. Work them up gradually over time to running longer distances. Have reasonable fitness goals for your pet that fit their breed and age.
  3. Take care of their paws. Running on pavement is hard on anyone! Choose softer trails or a path that has grass on the edge. If you find your dog is getting sore or cracked paws, massage them with some of our Healing Balm.
  4. Mind the heat, and don't forget to bring water and a bowl! Never, ever, run your dog midday. Take your dog out in the early morning or at night when the temperatures are cooler. Dogs can get heatstroke quickly from active running even in warm weather. Remember your dog needs to take breaks too, to rest and drink some water. We've got K9 water bottles in store that have a build-in drinking lid... cool.

We love these additional tips from Gone to the Snow Dogs, that talk about commands and training. We hope it's all useful, and you have a wonderful positive experience with your pooch!

Yours in holistic pet health, Dr. Jason, Dr. Pam, Arnica, Hannah, Jackie and Amanda


During the month of May 2016, every Springer dog jogger and Basil pet basket sold at our Pounce & Hound Fine Pet Goods shop comes with a $20 Kelowna Cycle gift card. You can use the gift card towards having a jogger fit, a luggage rack for the basket, a tune-up for your bike or even a new bell! Thanks to our Pandosy Village neighbour Kelowna Cycle for this great biking bonus for our clients!

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