Call to Artisans - We want your local pet products!

July 27, 2012

Call to Artisans - We want your local pet products! Pounce & Hound Pet Boutique will be opening in December, 2012. Our awesome pet store will feature high quality pet gear for dogs and cats. What makes us different from the other pet stores in town? Well, our hip neighborhood shop is the front porch for a veterinary clinic, it has an old general store complete with a "candy store" for pets, and many of the products will be made by local artisans such as yourself! At Pounce & Hound, we are looking for trendy, high quality products our customers won't be able to find anywhere else. You may already make pet products, or simply have some great ideas that haven't found a home yet. Below you can find a gallery of inspiration, of products that we find useful, beautiful and the right "look" for our shop. Hopefully they will be useful to you as well, to develop your own ideas and select from your products. The following are our purchasing criteria (besides being hip, desirable and reasonably-priced):

  • High-quality: best in class, durable, uniquely purposed, beautiful
  • Environmentally sound: recycled, reknit, repurposed, biodegradeable, compostable, sustainably-farmed, made from renewable materials
  • Socially responsible: fair trade, benefits a charity, ethically sourced
  • Locally crafted: one-of-a-kind, artisan made, farm-sourced, made in the Okanagan, BC or Western Canada.

This purchasing strategy isn't a marketing gimmick or a plea to your conscience. It's simply the way we roll. (And we think you do too!) If you would like to show us your products, please email with your contact information. We are setting up appointments for August 7th and 8th, to meet and see a sampling of your product ideas. If your products look promising and are the right fit for Pounce & Hound, we can showcase them immediately on August 12th at our pop-up store. We will also discuss qualities, prices etc. for our opening in December, when we will be fully stocked (hopefully  with your products in the mix!) We are not doing consignment - we will purchase your products outright at wholesale prices, and depending on sales, will pre-order more as time goes by. We are looking forward to meeting you!

~ Arnica, Pounce & Hound store manager






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