New location on Richter Street!

April 11, 2013

We are thrilled that Pandosy Veterinary Hospital and our Pounce and Hound pet shop will be opening in April 2014 in the 2700 block of Richter Street, in South Pandosy, Kelowna. It seems like we have been waiting forever to open our family veterinarian practice… Because we have!

We originally intended to be in the SOPA Square development; however, the development has seen innumerable delays, and still to the date of this post has not been ready for tenancy. After a few years, there is only so long that you can put your family's life on hold.

So we decided to shop around for new location. What is that expression? When one door closes a window opens? We were delighted to find out that Worman Commercial was building the perfect space for us on Richter Street.

This is only a block and a half from where we originally intended to house our business, and I think it has a lot better exposure. It won't be as busy for coming and going, and there will be lots and lots of parking. The building is still before city council for approval, but since it fits so well with the neighbourhood, we're confident in it going through.

For you locals, Pandosy Veterinary Hospital will be located on Richter Street right between Raymer School and Osprey Park. Our little shop for pets will be embedded in the same main floor space. In the new building, there will be four more or less tenants on the main floor, some office space above, and more than adequate parking within the building's parkade. This is a big deal in South Pandosy, which is hurting for parking spots. We will even have a special "sick pet" parking spot close to the elevator on the second floor of the parkade. And of course, many people will simply walk their pet in, or park on the street on Osprey Avenue.

The vision for our integrated veterinary hospital and pet shop remains the same; a warm, uptown, non-clinical neighborhood practice with brick walls, stained concrete floors, local friendly staff, and a selection of the best socially conscious pet products around. As we develop what exactly the clinical look like inside, we will be sure to post pictures so you can virtually walk through.

Oh, and let's not forget the 100-year-old 10 foot-long general store counter, and the glass jars full of cookies and catnip for our best friends. Delicious! Wish us luck moving forward with our project. We can't wait to open our doors in just 11 months from now!

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