Vancouver Fieldtrip: Stocking our Herbal Pharamacy

May 31, 2014

Over the last two days, we've been visiting with several herbal medicine practitioners in Vancouver, to stock Pandosy Veterinary Hospital's herbal dispensary.

We've been warmly received and made so many nice connections. First, we had a tour of the Integrative Naturopathic Medical Centre on West Broadway in Vancouver with Dr. Katie Leah. Katie is a wonderfully warm naturopath, with an extensive knowledge of western herbal medicine.

Dr. Jason looked at her own dispensary, and over the most delicious sushi dinner, started planning what herbs he would carry at our clinic. Dr. Katie uses St. Francis herbs, made in Canada, and we are planning on using this same brand as a cornerstone of our herbal dispensary.

Thanks Dr. Katie for your delightful company and insightful conversation!

Next, we visited with Dr. Julianne Mantler at Healing Choices Veterinary Hospital.

They are a new integrative clinic on Marine Drive in Vancouver. Julianne and her staff graciously showed us around her clinic, and shared with us some tips on practicing integrative medicine. Her receptionist Kymberley also had some great advice on treating clients and patients like they are at a spa, which is exactly the high touch sort of approach we'd like to have at our clinic as well.

Thanks Dr. Julianne and Kymberley for the helpful tour!

Our last herbal medicine stop was at Gaia Garden, a Vancouver herbal dispensary that has been helping local (human and pets) for decades.

We had a great visit with Bob, the Master Herbalist, and Erik, their distribution guy. Bob abviously has a deep knowledge and understanding of herbal medicine, and it was great for Jason, as a novice, to get some advice. The dispensary staff made up some tinctures for Jason to take home to some our friends' pets.

Gaia Garden will be a great resource for us as we build the western herbal side of Jason's practice, with it's resume trove of dried herbs and tinctures. Thanks to Bob and Erik for your hospitality, herbal knowledge and great service!

Now we are onto Washington State for the Mother Earth News Fair. We'll be sure to blog about Dr. Jason's fun times learning about making tinctures from some of the local experts.

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