Back-to-School Blues: Ways to Keep Your Dog's Anxiety Away

September 22, 2014


Going back to school can be an exciting time for your children, but their furry companions can sometimes have difficulty adjusting to being at home alone again. Here are some handy tips to help ease the anxiety your dog may feel:

Practice makes perfect

- Practice leaving for a couple of hours each day for a few days before school begins.

Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow

- Don’t make goodbyes or hellos a big deal. This can increase excitement in your pet as you are leaving, increasing the anxiety around seperation. Don’t pay special attention to your dog before you leave.

Remove your dog from the goodbye experience

- Distract them with a safe toy or close the door to the porch as you are getting ready to leave.

Exercise exercise exercise…

- A tired dog is a happy dog. Taking your dog on a brisk 15 minute walk before you leave is an excellent way to help prevent anxiety.

- If your pet is a higher energy breed, a dog walker is an excellent way to allow them to burn off steam throughout the day. Be sure to make the dog walker aware of your training methods so they can use them as well.

- If your dog is dog friendly there are many dog daycare options to choose from. You can use them daily or a couple of times a week to help tire your pup out. Every little bit helps. Many of them have drop off and pick up locations to decrease the stress on your morning and evening routine.

Brain food

- Portion out your dogs daily ration of food and have them eat with food puzzles such as a kong wobble, hide the food throughout the house, or make up fun games that they can be pre occupied with throughout the day.

Fun with friends

- If your friend has a dog that yours gets along with, taking turns having them stay at each others house can help alleviate boredom and anxiety.

If your dog starts chewing on themselves, or harming themselves or your home, please consult Dr. Jason at Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital, or your local your veterinarian.

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