Gifts Your Dog Will Love

December 01, 2014

Oh it's that wonderful time of year when everyone is out running around trying to find gifts for their family and friends. Don't you just love trying to find the perfect gift while stumbling through the crowds of people doing the exact same (haha, yah right!) Well don't you fret, because we can cross off at least one name on your list this year.

Whether your canine companion is a heavy chewer, a treat lover, or a snuggle bug who enjoys being comfy cozy this year, we can find the perfect gift!

  1.  If your pooch is a fan of chew toys with that little extra squeaker as an added bonus, but you don't want to buy one for them because they destroy things relatively quickly, well, look no further! All of the Spot Dura-Fused Leather toys that we carry at Pounce & Hounds Fine Pet Goods are great for " heavy" chewer's. (I know because I have a "heavy" chewer at home!) Another good option is the Aussie Naturals water bottle toys, basically they are a leather toy, with a water bottle inside so it makes that ever enticing "crinkle" sound! 

  2. If your canine companion is more a fetch dog, then we have the perfect toy for them! (and you!) It's winter, it gets darker sooner, and the ground is always sludgy and gross. Who wants to search in the dark for missing ball, right? Well fret no more, we carry a glow in the dark ball thats perfectly bouncy and wonderful for fetching! No more lost balls in dark fields at night! Plus, you can grab a Launch-It Ball Thrower, so you won't have to get your hands all mucky and constantly have to wash your gloves!
  3. Who doesn't want a new fashion accessary for the upcoming new year? A beautiful hand crafted rope and leather collar in either natural or ombre colours (teal or magenta!) is the perfect thing to make sure you and your pet look stylish and well put together on your daily walks around the neighbourhood. Not to mention the brand itself promotes adoption and supports shelter animals. Not only are you and your pooch looking great with your new accessories, but you can also feel good about supporting a great cause!

  4. And the always popular treat bar is always a favourite with any dog that walks through our doors! We have a variety of proteins available as well as some fresh baked in store cookies and brownies for all the wonderful pooch's out there! Whether your dog prefers fish, chicken, beef, pork or specifically sardines (because those are by far the most popular treat from the treat bar!) we have it all here at Pounce & Hound Fine Pet Goods!

  5. Don't forget to entertain your pup while you have guests over, or maybe you would like to bring something for the host's best furry friend! The ever popular Treat Puzzles are in abundance here at Pounce & Hound Fine Pet Goods. Sometimes its nice to entertain a bored pooch with something special during the busy, bustling season. As long as you have a food motivated pup, they will love any of these puzzle games.

  6. If your pooch is having a hard time with the cold weather winds blowing and the snow flurries that are now hitting the ground (and sticking!) then maybe consider buying them a lovely, handmade, fair-trade wool sweater to warm them up! We carry ChillyDog Sweaters at Pounce & Hound Fine Pet Goods, some that are just plain colours as well as some lovely designs as well (the deer one has been the most popular by far!) So stop on by and take a look at all the sweaters we have to offer your cold pup! 

Stay tuned for the next blog post going up next week, detailing the top gifts we think your feline friend will enjoy! 

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