Gifts Your Cat Will Adore

December 04, 2014

If you are looking for a great treat, game or toy for your feline friend, we have just as many neat options as we do for the dogs! Look no further, because here are some great ideas for a happy feline during the holidays.

  1. If you have a catnip lover in your house, then the organic catnip infused "yoga mat" is just what you are looking for! No longer will you have to sprinkle some catnip on the cat post or on their special blanket, now all you have to do is place the mat on wherever your cat enjoys and watch the fun unfold! Its a "no pun intended" name for such a toy, but yoga is exactly what your cat will be doing when they get a whiff of this cool toy!

  2. If your cat is more of a "hunter" who enjoys a good game of chase the toy, then the Pounce cat toy made by Ore Pet is just what you are looking for! Whether they like to chase birds, mice or fish(?) attached to a string, they will love this toy. It even has a bell attached to it for added effect.

  3. Maybe your cat is more of the independent type? If so, we have some great cork ball toys with attached feathers to make them that much more appealing. A good play place (believe it or not) is a dry bathtub, because the ball darts around a little bit faster (and seems to resemble prey a little bit more) so its always fun to watch your cat go after a toy while zipping around the bathtub! 
  4. Our treat bar is just as popular with the cats as it is with the dogs believe it or not! Most cats tend to prefer the sardines or the shrimps, but some quite enjoy the chicken hearts as well! So if you are just looking to give your furry feline friend a little extra something for a holiday treat, come by and pick up an ounce of their favourite treat from the treat bar!

We have plenty more here at Pounce & Hound Fine Pet Goods, so stop by anytime to do your holiday season shopping! Can't forget to get the family pet something too right? And furry friends are always welcome here, they may even get a little holiday treat from us too!

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