How to Winterize Your Pets

January 07, 2015

We spend all of our time getting ready for the cold weather by winterizing our wardrobes, our cars, our houses, but we never stop to think about our pets! We shouldn't forget that they need some help winterizing too, and with all this recent (and crazy) snowfall happening, I think now is the best time to give some helpful hints!

Nobody likes having cold feet right? Well neither do our furry friends, especially the ones of the canine variety. Our dogs still need their daily walks, and their yard time to do their "business", but when its snowy/icy outside it's not always fun for them. We need to protect their little (or big) paws, and there are plenty of great products out there to help!

  1. Our handmade Paw Balm (made by us of course!) is made for protecting against snow and ice. Bees wax from a local farm is one of the key ingredients, which means that it helps protect your pooches paws from the sidewalk salts on the ground by coating their feet. Apothecary Paw Balm is also a great soothing agent if your pooch already has cracked/chapped paws from all this chilly weather.

  2. Muttluks - There is a huge variety of doggie shoes out there, but we try to stay as local as possible, so we carry Muttluks, which are proudly made in Canada. They are a great, high quality product designed to help keep your dog's paws warm and safe during their daily walks. 
  3. The next thing to consider is a nice winter jacket for your dog. Yes, I realize that lot's of dogs hate their jackets, but if you have a small breed (especially a small breed with short hair) then it's in their best interest to wear one. They lose a lot of body heat, and during the cold snaps it's important to keep them cuddly and warm too! Of course, it's up to you to decide which jacket they will wear, whether it's a knitted one, a puffy one, a reflective one or something completely different, just make sure to keep them warm! Even larger breed dogs can benefit from a jacket if they spend a lot of time outdoors. Don't be embarrassed about keeping your pooch cozy, and just try to ignore their embarrassment! 

Another important thing to remember is to keep them dry. After going outside, for a walk or otherwise, remember to give them a good pat down with a nice warm towel! I'm sure they wouldn't mind laying in front of the fireplace too if you have one too!

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