Bike to Work Week - Take Your Dogs and Cats!

May 25, 2015

Bike to Work week is here!

At Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital, we love biking! In fact, all of our awesome staff either bike or walk to work.

Jason, Arnica and Aleks live blocks from the clinic, and Hannah and Kristen bike from their further-reaching homes. 

If you'd like to take your dog or cat to work (or just bike with them for fun!) we have two fantastic tools to help...






Basil Bike Baskets 

Basil Bike Baskets are from the Netherlands, and are the sturdiest, safest baskets we could find. The Pasja model baskets fit behind your seat, and can carry up to 30lbs! That's a lot of cat. They are spacious, and have handy, safe coated metal tops, protecting your pet in the case of rollovers. We love these baskets!
$110 for basket, $55 for the top

Springer Dog Joggers

Biking can be a great way to exercise high energy dogs. With the Springer, you can bike beside your dog, and enjoy the time together. The spring softens movement so they don't pull you over. The breakaway attachment stops you getting wrapped around poles. This heavy duty biking tool is genius!  
$145 for springer, $35 for replacement break-aways

Have a wonderful week (and rest of summer!) biking with your pet! See you on the road and trails;
Dr. Jason, Arnica, Hannah, Aleks and Kristen


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