Titre testing for dogs and cats: pricing reduced!

July 27, 2015

No doubt you've read all about vaccines and their controversy in the news. At our vet hospital, we do believe that some vaccines can play an important role in protecting your pet, but routine vaccinations are often unnecessary. That's why we offer our clients an alternative - titre testing.

What is a titre test?
Titre (pronounced tight-er) testing is a medical alternative to routine vaccinations. Testing titres means testing your pet's immunity level to see if they need a vaccine boost, instead of just boosting a vaccination without knowing if they need it or not. A titre test is a blood test performed in a laboratory that measures the immunity levels to individual diseases.

Dr. Jason Rowan recommends that every adult dog and cat receives a titre test before deciding to administer vaccine boosters. This approach prevents over-vaccination and unnecessarily stimulating the dog or cat's immune system.

Do titre tests work?
A positive titre test means that the dog or cat has immunity to a disease, and they cannot get or spread the disease. ​Titre-testing is an established method in both veterinary and human medicine for testing immunity. Some of our titre tests are done in our own state-of-the-art clinic's lab, but others are sent to Kansas State University.

Can my dog go to daycare with a titre test? How about across the border?
Many Kelowna boarding and daycare facilities for dogs and cats now accept titre tests as proof of immunity against disease.

For your convenience, we have called the local facilities, and collected their resonsonses about what vaccines or titre tests they require. The list is here.

If you would like to cross the border into the USA, combo vaccines are not required; however, rabies vaccines are. Border Services does not yet accept titre testing in lieu of vaccine certificates.

New reduced prices!
Canine combo : This blood test measures your dog's immunity to three diseases: parvovirus, distemper and Adenovirus. This test is done at our in-house lab and the results are returned the same day as the test. $75
Feline combo : This blood test measures your cat's immunity to three diseases: feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia. This test is done in a laboratory at Kansas State University, and the results are returned in approximately two weeks. $92
Rabies : This blood test measures your dog or cat's immunity to the rabies virus. This test is done in a laboratory at Kansas State University, and the results are returned in approximately two weeks. $110

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