Bountiful harvest: raw, vegan, and local food options now in store

November 03, 2020

Pandosy Vet pet food natural Open Farm Acana Big Country Raw

Just as we promised, we've now filled our seven freezers (plus 2 more in the back!) with amazing selections of raw foods, and stocked our renovated shelves full of yummy foods for cats and dogs. Have you been in to see our new pet health food store? It's so awesome!!

We are super excited to now be carrying Big Country Raw, which is made in Canada, is balanced to the highest North American standards, and is really a great value food. Our own wolfhound Ragna is enjoying it every day (along with a turkey neck or two.) We even have an in-house Big Country Raw spokesperson, Nurse Tia, who can tell you everything you every wanted to know about this brand.

We are still carrying our own Pounce & Hound raw food brand, made by Canadian Pets4Life, and our dachshunds and so many other dogs can't get enough of it. We just love having a totally balanced raw food available in 1 oz medallions - super hand with the little guys. Our cat Vega, by the way, rotates between raw Pounce & Hound for cats, in a super convenient scoopable crumble, and the top-quality canned Tikicat.

For cats, we also have the more economical canned bff, and dry Orijen from Alberta (made with BC fruits and veg!) and the top-quality Italian Farmina.

For dogs, we really are excited about the new selections. You likely are familiar with Acana (made in Alberta with Okanagan fruit and veg) and Farmina, one of the world's absolutely top dry foods. We've also added a Open Farm dehydrated raw, which is incredibly delicious according to our pets' taste tests, and a more economical dehydrated option. We are also delighted to offer our first dry, organic vegan dog food, made right here in Canada, called Gather Endless Valley. It has a great formulation, and is a wonderful option for pet parents wanting to feed a plant-based diet to their pups. We are also carrying the certified organic, Oceanwise and certified humanely farmed Gather chicken and fish diets - absolutely top in class for conscientious choices. 

Our pet health food store is open Monday through Saturday, and you are welcome to wander in to check out all the best-in-class food options we have for your pets. Don't forget treats at the treat bar, and we are also carrying some new pre-bagged treats, including Kettle Craft, made right in Lake Country!


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