Bye, Bye Stinky Breath

October 27, 2023

Bye, Bye Stinky Breath

It may be the spooky month, but if you smell something scary in your cat or dog’s mouth, that stink need to be treated. According to Dr. Dani, pet dental health is linked to several other diseases, including heart, liver, and kidney conditions. Keeping your fur kid’s teeth and gums healthy is not just about a sparkling smile and fresh breath, it's about maintaining their overall health and quality of life.

Visiting the vet is different than visiting a human dentist, because cats and dogs have special teeth and mouth concerns:

  • Dogs have 42 teeth - cats have 30! (BTW, humans have 32 - depending on your wisdom teeth of course.)

  • Both dogs and cats need to be asleep under anesthesia for dental X-rays, cleaning, and teeth care. This is so the veterinarian can clean all the way under the gums, and so your fur kid is comfortable during their dental visit. 

  • Cats can develop unique issues, like resorptive lesions. These are very painful but can be fixed under anesthesia. 

  • Your fur family member is more susceptible to tartar build-up and infection. Small breed dogs and cats are especially prone to chunky yellow tartar. Ew.

  • Different breeds have varying susceptibility to dental disease, and we know what to look for in each mouth.

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No Need to Fear Dentistry!

At Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital, we offer free dental estimate appointments. These quick mouth checks with the vet enable us to give you an accurate, fixed-price quote for dental care.

Our comprehensive fixed-price dental packages include everything we want for our own fur kids:

  • Pre-anesthetic bloodwork to ensure safety and detect early signs of disease.

  • IV fluids during the procedure.

  • Anesthesia costs and full monitoring equipment.

  • Full mouth X-rays - so many X-rays!

  • Teeth cleaning, and any needed extractions.

  • Pain medication and antibiotics to take home.

  • A complimentary follow-up visit if pet parents have any teeth-related concerns. 

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