Cat-Walking Tips & Tricks

September 10, 2019

Cat-Walking Tips & Tricks

Cat-Walking Tips & Tricks

Have you wanted to take your cat on an adventure? Lots of our clients, as well as Dr. Loridawn, who will be working with us in October (yes, another vet! More on her later...) love taking their felines out for a stroll. It’s not the same as teaching a dog to heel, however. Cats require a little more finesse to have fun!

1. Walk behind the kitty

Cats have their own agendas... their explorations are more based on climbing, sneaking and sniffing than pleasing you. So don’t try to get your cat to follow you - follow the cat! You’ll find they progress at a snail’s pace, but exploring is super amazing in enrichment for them.

2. Use a secure harness - like Fuzzyard!

A great harness is in a necessity … If your cat gets spooked, you need to have control over them so they don’t twist and run away and get lost.

Yes! we are putting in a plug for our own Fuzzyard brand, but where else are you going to get snug fitting, comfortable and stylish harness for your cat? And did we mention they are on sale?

3. Think Vertical 

Often the best cat walks are actually cat climbs. Some of our fur friends’ favourite places to explore are the Enderby cliffs, the old oak trees in Kinsman Park, and neighbours’ tree houses and cherry trees.  Avoid high traffic dog zones, and enjoy the scramble with your cat. 

BOGO harness & leash SALE 🍂

In the month of September, buy a comfy, fun and fly Fuzzyard harness for your little one, and get any leash in store 1/2 price! Fuzzyard makes the cutest harnesses for cats and dogs, and you can’t get them anywhere in the OK ‘cept our shop. Yup, total exclusive! We have all of the harnesses featured in this newsletter in stock now - come check them out while we still have your pet’s size in store.

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