🐈 Optimal Nutritional for Cats 🐈

January 28, 2022

🐈 Optimal Nutritional for Cats 🐈

Avoid disease with good nutrition

Let's talk kitty nutrition - just for 5 minutes. 
This quick read can make a world of difference to your cat's health, happiness and lifespan.

First off, a little background - your little tiger is an opportunistic carnivore. In the wild, cats kill and consume their lunch. Their prey's body contains meat, but also fat and bones (micronutrients,) organs (micronutrients) and a lot of water. 

The most common kitty diseases are driven by poor nutrition and chronic dehydration: diabetes, kidney disease and urinary issues. No wonder, when many commercial diets are full of filler carbohydrates and lacking the water your fur kid needs from their food.​

Protein-rich, wet foods are best

Cats live longer and have less health issues when they eat optimal nutrition. Makes sense, right? In fact, many of the common cat diseases are very preventable with smart food choices.

But with so many options out there, what should caring pet parents feed their little tigers? It's simple, and easy - 

Protein-rich, wet foods with kitty-specific vitamins and minerals are the best diets. Period. Cat food full of water and protein are the best preventative medicine, and can add years to you cat's lifespan. Both  raw foods, and canned foods fit the bill, as long as they are balanced, and high quality ingredients.

That said, kitty immune systems are stronger when they eat raw food with digestive enzymes, and raw food can actually be cheaper than canned food (and it's way less processed.) So raw does have a couple of extra advantages.

Ok, let's check your cat's food!

Have a look at the checklist below. How does your cat's current food stack up? You can do a simple 10 point check by answering the following questions.

Ideally, you should answer "yes" at least 8 of the 10 points - that's a food for healthy, happy cats!

If your cat's food scores 6 or 7 - it's likely time to up their nutrition game. (Don't worry, we can help.)

If their food scores 5 or lower - let's get them on a better food! Time to make a switch...

  • Tasty - Do they like eating it?
  • Balanced - Does the food have the correct vit and min for cats?
  • Whole Food - Are the ingredients minimally processed?
  • Good Ingredients - Is it dominantly meat or fish? 
  • Species Appropriate - Is the food wet and high in protein?
  • If your cat has health concerns, is the food Age & Condition Appropriate?
  • Is the food wither Fresh or Wet?
  • Is the food Raw, or if not, does it have added digestive enzymes?
  • For the sake of the planet, is the food locally sourced?
  • Are the meats in the food Humanely farmed, Sustainably fished and/or Organic?

Dr. Jason's top food choices available at Pandosy Village Vet

Does your cat food not make the cut? Or do you want to feed them the best nutrition possible?  Here are some fantastic options available in our Pandosy Village Vet shop:

  1. Pets 4 Life raw frozen - this is a very affordable wet food option - cheaper and with less packaging waste than canned food!
  2. Tikicat canned - these very high protein foods are fish based, extremely tasty and sustainable fished.
  3. BFF canned - almost as high of protein as Tikicat, and more affordable, it has chicken, egg and fish flavours.
  4. Rayne Adult RSS canned - made of pork, this wet food is also appropriate for cats with kidney disease.

Dr. Jason Rowan cat nutrition

Dr. Jason feeds his own cat... 

One of the most common questions to a veterinarian is "what do you feed your own pets?" So we asked Dr. Jason to tell you about his own fur kid:

Dr. Jason answers: "my own cat is 17 years old. A decade ago, Vega started to show signs of kidney disease, so I had a hard look at what she was eating. She was eating a dry kibble, with good ingredients, but too many carbs and of course very little water.

So we switched Vega to a raw, protein-rich diet made by Pets 4 Life. It's balanced, apparently quite yummy, and comes in cat-friendly small bites. She's loves switching up the proteins, although salmon and turkey are her favs.

We also give her a phosphorus binder and some herbs (because of the kidney disease, from eating dry food for the first ten years of her life - sorry Vega!) and her kidney disease has been stable ever since."

Making the switch

Yes! We have excellent foods at Pandosy Village Vet, in every nutritional format. Please talk to our staff about levelling up your cat's food.

And yes, we know, cats can be finicky. Their particular nature comes from their history of avoiding bad game. Ideally, kittens should be started on a wet whole food when young, and most cats appreciate room-temperature meals, akin to fresh prey.

Switching an adult cat to a new food requires patience to find what they like... Tasty probiotics, fish oils and other tricks can be very helpful. We can help!

Our cat-friendly clinic...

Our calm and spacious Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital clinic is designed with your fur kids in mind. No mixing with dogs necessary! We have quiet, cozy exam rooms to help cats relax, and always use low-stress handling techniques for all cat med procedures. Meow!

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