Spring Weekend Fun!

May 27, 2022

Spring Weekend Fun!

Local dog-friendly adventures
- let's go, Milo!

The birds are starting to chirp, the sun is shining, the days are longer and the nights are warmer- it’s the best time of the year to spend outside with our dogs! Ask chihuahua Milo, pictured above. Milo spends every day at work with Nurse Christine, but he's raring to get out and explore on those days off. 

Here are some of our insider tips from our on-staff pet parents - and their dogs, of course. And don't forget to pick up your ⛺ toys from our shop before you go! (Aren't they the cutest?)

Go for a hike

Ok, so we just can't get enough Milo - but it is amazing that he manages to keep up on hikes with all our other clinic dogs. (He's in a carrier most of the time, but still...)

The Okanagan Valley has some amazing dog friendly hiking trails. Our staff love to check out hyper-local trails around the valley like Knox Mountain, the Myra Canyon Trestles on the Kettle Valley Rail Trail, Mission Creek or Crawford Falls on their days off. Grab your pup, a bottle of water, your tick spray and hit the hikes this weekend!

Dancing through the tulips

The Okanagan has a brand new, dog-friendly tulip festival: Bloom Okanagan!  Take the fur family out for a fun day of beautiful flowers, and shoot some gorgeous glam shots like this one of Nurse Tia's toller Tadpole, in the North Okanagan. 

Did you know? A toller is short for Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever...

A campin' we will go~

Smell the campfire and taste the marshmallows now- it’s camping season!

Whether you’re a 5 star Glamper or a tent and sleeping bag kind of camper, the Okanagan has so many wonderful campgrounds to fill your heart with nature this weekend! Check out the beautiful pet-friendly glam tents at Chute Lake Lodge and all the wonderful campsites through Parks Canada, with 40 astounding campsites you can reserve across our beautiful country. 

Saturday = Treatsday

Spring rains falling? As a fun indoor excursion, bring your dog down to Pandosy Village Vet for treatsday. Our friendly front desk staff always have a complimentary cookie for your pup, and you can take home a delicious bag of treats, a squeaky new toy, or even some wholesome food.
We are open Saturdays, er, Treatsdays, 10am-4pm.

Renos almost done!

By the way, our renovations are almost done! We don't have glam shots yet - nor doors on the consultation room, for that matter, but you are always welcome to stop by and see the progress.

We open: Monday through Friday 8:30-5:30, and Saturdays 10:00-4:00
Veterinary services are by appointment, but you are always welcome to stop by to get food, toys and treats!

Yours in holistic pet health; Dr. Jason, Arnica, Hannah, Dr. Pam, Jackie, Christine, Ashley, Tia, Dr. Marcella, Bonnie, Dr. Dani, Ana, Megan, Dharla, Cassandra, Dr. Becky, Shawna and Jodie.

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