Billy the BigFoot Plushie Toy

$17.50 CAD

Introducing Billy the Big Foot, Your Pup's New Furry Friend! Billy is a charming, fluffy delight, with a luxuriously soft brown coat and an irresistibly cute belly button that's sure to make your heart melt. His endearing single-tooth smile is a simple yet captivating feature that will enchant your dog, inviting daily snuggles and moments of pure affection. Billy isn't just adorable; he's eco-conscious too! Crafted from recycled water bottles, he's an environmentally friendly choice. This delightful toy also boasts a built-in squeaker and engaging crinkle material, providing your furry companion with hours of entertainment. Billy the Big Foot is more than just a toy – he's a bundle of joy and a step towards a greener future!

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