Rayne Clinical Nutrition for Dogs

$231.50 CAD

A veterinary-specific pet food with whole food ingredients? You bet!

We love Rayne Clinical Nutrition because their well-formulated line of pet foods not only address specific pet health issues; they are also made with real food ingredients. That means real meats, real veg, and non of that garbage often found in vet pet foods. (Who wants to eat feather or sawdust? - yuck!)

Check out the exact wholesome ingredients and nutritional analysis for all Rayne dog food here. 

Rayne food is available for purchase only with a veterinarian's prescription. If you are an existing client of Pandosy Vet and have already been prescribed this product, order away! Otherwise, please contact our front desk before ordering 778-478-7088. We can easily have a prescription transferred from another veterinary hospital, or set you up with a nutritional consultation with Dr. Jason at Pandosy Vet.

Please note that we do not always have each of these products in stock. As soon as it is in stock, we will set your food aside and you will get a message saying you can pick up!

Important: when you order, please choose a pick-up time following these guidelines.

  • If you order before noon M-TH and we don't have it in stock, we will have it ready for you the next day by noon.
  • If you order after noon M-TH, then we will have it ready for pick-up by noon in two days.
  • If you order before noon on a Friday, then we will have it ready for you to pick up by Monday noon.
  • If you order after noon on a Friday, or on the weekend, then we will have it ready for you to pick up by Tuesday noon.

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