Low Vitamin D Linked To Cancer In Dogs And Cats

January 19, 2016

Low Vitamin D Linked To Cancer In Dogs And Cats

New: Vitamin D testing for only $96!
Now more affordable testing and supplementation at Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital.

Is your pet getting the right amount of Vitamin D?

Cutting edge research tells us cats and dogs with too little vitamin D are at greater risk for cancer, but too much of the same vitamin can be toxic. That's why we are now pleased to be offering affordable Vitamin D blood tests to our patients so you can correctly supplement your best friend's diet.

Vitamin D deficiency has been traditionally associated with Rickets, the disease of rubbery bones. However, current studies in human and veterinary medicine have shown that even if an animal is getting enough Vitamin D to stave off Rickets, they may not be getting enough to avoid other chronic and even fatal diseases.

New studies in pet medicine show a higher correlation between insufficient vitamin D and diseases such as heart disease, certain types of cancer such as mast cell tumours of the skin and spleen cancer, and inflammatory bowel disease. In humans, insufficient levels of Vitamin D have also been linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, MS, and asthma.

Dogs and cats, unlike humans and most other species, are unable to convert very much Vitamin D in their skin when exposed to the sun. Perhaps it is the fur! In any case, pets only get Vitamin D through through their diet, in rich foods like fish oils and liver. Unfortunately, although most commercial foods will have levels high enough to prevent Rickets, they may not have sufficient Vitamin D to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer.
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How much Vit D should my pet get?

There is no standard supplementation dose for vitamin D in animals, because what they need depends on their diet and health history.

As Vitamin D can be toxic in excess, you should be careful not to supplement Vitamin D in your pet's diet without first doing a blood test to determine how much your pet needs. Too much of the supplement can also lead to serious bone structure issues over the long term.

Test, then supplement the right amount

Pandosy Village Veterinary Hospital is excited to be the first veterinary clinic in the Okanagan to offer affordable Vitamin D testing with pet-specific supplements. Through a partnership with a cutting edge lab in the United States, we are now offering Vitamin D tests for $96. With the results, you will know exactly how much Vitamin D your dog or cat needs.

We are excited about this program, because of the potential preventative implications for our furry friends. Our clinic is all about preventative medicine and staying healthy, and we consider accurate Vitamin D supplementation another great tool to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Please book a consultation to have your pets Vitamin D levels tested, or simply ask about it if you are in for another reason. We are here to help!

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