Allergies: we've got Traditional Chinese herbs for that!

May 03, 2017

Allergies: we've got Traditional Chinese herbs for that!

Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine

For the last year, Dr. Jason Rowan has been offering Traditional Chinese herbal medicine to his clients. This 5000 year old approach to healing (give or take a couple of years) is rooted in the concept of yin and yang - good health is a balance of the body's state and energy. We love TCM, because there are incredibly effective treatments for chronic conditions, such as environmental allergies.

Challenging Allergies

If your cat is itchy or your dog is scratchy, then you likely aren't getting any sleep. Allergies can be painful and effect your best furry friend's attention and behaviour, as well as being a major drain on their immune system. 

With a Traditional Chinese medicine approach, we treat the whole animal. Usually we recommend a cooling diet to calm the animal's energy down. This is very important, as it can have a huge influence on their overall inflammation level. Then Dr. Jason recommends herbs that are specifically selected for your pet's constitution and patterns of symptoms. Over the last year, we've been able to keep our own wolfhound Tully's environmental allergies in check using TCM herbs, as well as fish oil and a cooling diet.

Please call the clinic 778-478-7088 or email to book a Traditional Chinese herbal consultation for your pet.

TCM and acupuncture studies continue...

For the last two years, Dr. Jason has been studying Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. He got hooked during a survey course of other herbal traditions (when he was studying Western herbal medicine,) and has been exploring the Eastern approaches ever since. For the last two years, he has been focusing on TCM herbal medicine.

This May, Jason is traveling to Beijing to do some hands-on acupuncture training, while our nurse Hannah is traveling to Florida to learn how to assist him.

We are looking forward to offering acupuncture treatment soon... Stay tuned!


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