Dr. Jason Rowan

Dr. Jason Rowan grew up far from an urban setting, as a farm boy. He grew up getting his hands dirty on a cattle farm, near a "huge town of 400 people". 

All in the family

Jason's father was a veterinarian, and even though Dr. Merv passed when he was young, Jason inherited his love of animals and veterinary medicine.

Some people have inordinate focus: that's Jason. He worked through high school with one goal in mind... get into vet school. After only two years in agricultural studies, Jason made it into the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan. Four years later, he went straight into mixed animal practice in Lloydminster, Alberta, near his home town.

He worked hard for six years, practicing medicine on an astounding array of animals: cats, dogs, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, hedgehogs, bison, elk, porcupines... you name it. IF you want to hear a funny story, ask him about trying to castrate a porcupine!

Forging his own path

In the meanwhile, Jason met his wife Arnica. They decided that the crazy schedule of a mixed animal veterinarian was not the way they wanted to raise their family. So they looked for a place back in Arnica's home province of BC, that had was close to relatives and boasted lots of outdoor recreation. In 2006, the couple moved to Kelowna and Jason refocused on exclusively small animal medicine (ie: cats, dogs, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, hedgehogs, bison, elk, porcupines.)

Jason loved small animal medicine - he had found his niche. He loved working with clients, and focusing on providing the best possible care for companion animals. In the Okanagan, he found some great mentors and enjoyed working for excellent veterinarians. He also worked at 25 additional clinics across Western Canada, as a loccum veterinarian.

Jason has now been practicing veterinary medicine for 18 years. Although he trained classically in conventional medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, nutritional treatment has been an increasingly important part of his approach to curing disease. Jason completed foundational studies from the College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies in Western Herbal Medicine, which he has been integrating into his medical toolbox. Jason has also traveled to Beijing and has been studying Traditional Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture from the Chi Institute. Soon, he will be one of the very few certified veterinary acupuncturists in British Columbia.

More about Jason and Arnica

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