Meet our new Homeopathic Vet - Dr. Loridawn Gordon!

December 02, 2019

Meet our new Homeopathic Vet - Dr. Loridawn Gordon!

Meet homeopathic vet Dr. Loridawn

We are so excited to introduce you to the amazing Dr. Loridawn Gordon! We are so lucky that she has recently moved to Kelowna from Whistler, bringing with her decades of experience in natural medicine.

Thoughtful, gentle Dr. Loridawn uses homeopathy, nutrition, herbal and also conventional medicine to keep pets in the best of health. She's written for Modern Dog magazine, and has a amazing repertoire to draw on. If you use homeopathy in your own health, then you'll be familiar with how effective this modality can be (see the short primer below!)

Please call 778-478-7088 to book an appointment with this wonderful lady.

NOW: Extended consultations to get all your pet health questions answered

You asked for it, and we've listened. Both Dr. Loridawn and Dr. Jason will now be seeing patients for extended consultation times. What this means is that you, your pet and the doctor have all the time together that you like to address all your pet's holistic health concerns.

Dr. Jason uses this long-talk format for initial acupuncture, nutritional assessment and Traditional Chinese medicine visits; Dr. Loridawn will be sitting down with you for extended homeopathic and nutritional consultations.

Yes, you pay more for an extended consultation than a quicker general pet health visit (which are still available!) ... but if you would like to dig deep, or are dealing with a complicated diagnosis (like allergies or cancer) then these extended appointments are the perfect solution.

A short story of veterinary homeopathy

Homeopathy (home-ee-AH-puh-thee) is the branch of medicine which is based on the principle that disease can be cured by strengthening the body’s natural defence mechanism. Homeopathy is a distinct philosophy of medicine that has its roots in eighteenth century Germany, and subsequently spread to the rest of the world

"The underlying basis of homeopathy is the principle that 'like cures like'..."

The underlying basis of homeopathy is the principle that 'like cures like', or that a substance that is capable, in toxic doses, of producing a set of symptoms is also capable, in much lower doses, of curing the same set of symptoms regardless of their perceived cause. Learn more...

Now OPEN Saturdays!

We are thrilled that our Pounce & Hound shop is now open Saturdays for all your furry friend shopping fun! Come in with or without your pets (covert op!) to shop for the dogs, cats and pet lovers in your life. We have lots of cool new pet gear in store!

Yours in holistic pet health, Dr. Jason, Arnica, Hannah, Dr. Pam, Jackie, Jessica, Bethany, Ashley, Tia, Ally and Dr. Loridawn

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