See you at the Organic Okanagan Festival

September 18, 2012

Come out and get your locally grown catnip and organic dog cookies at Pounce and Hound booth at the Organic Okanagan Festival. We will be there from 11 to 5 PM on Sunday October 23 at Summerhill Pyramid Winery along with other vendors showcasing natural and organic lifestyle products. Why are we at this festival?

Well, it's because the principles of the festival reflect the ethos of our upcoming store. We think that some of the best products in the world are grown and produced right here in the Okanagan. We also think that organic and natural products are better for the planet, and often are a much better choice for your pet. that's why our merchandise plan is focussed around artisan-made, high quality, and socially and environmentally responsible products... Many unique to our store.

Please come out and get your delicious Pounce and Hound cat and dog treats, and lots of ideas about sustainable living at the annual Organic Okanagan Festival.

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