Fun times at the Okanagan Organic Festival

September 24, 2012

This past weekend we had the pleasure of meeting some old friends and many new ones at the Okanagan Organic Festival. Wild Line-caught Salmon Chips and Golden Apple Oat Cookies were some of the delectable treats we gave away to Kelowna cat and dog owners.

We were often asked about the contents of our treats, and we were happy to report that all of the ingredients are either local, organic or sustainably harvested. After all, when we purchase eco-anything for our family members, we aren't only voting with our dollars for good heath... we're also making change by supporting regional industries and intact ecosystems. That's why we are creating a select line of products for the Pounce & Hound that reflect our company's apporach to business.

Many of our toys, bowls and beds will be crafted by artisans right here in the Okanagan. We are planning on offering a full line of organic food, as well as homemade treats and local meat jerkies. Our "clean," biodegradeable Apothecary line will include exclusive shampoos, conditioners and cleaners. And it just goes on!

Thanks to all who came and visited - we hope to see you when we open our location in SOPA Square on Pandosy in late 2012! We'll meet you all at the treat bar!

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